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Amit Deokule is very inquisitive and certainly I got certain definite insights. The sessions were self informative and has taught me to analyze. He is very professional but at the same time friendly personality. The exercises were truly interesting and it made me think.
- Mokshada Kelkar, Environmentalist.

It was a great experience which recalled my memories. Amit is very friendly with their clients. He has real balanced coaching skills. Quality of exercises is good and thought provoking.
- Owner of NGO in Pune.

The sessions were good and they were helpful to my son. The approach of Amit being a Life Coach is very encouraging and it makes the person think positively. The questionnaires were really good.
- Father of a cerebral palsy patient.

The sessions were good and it helped me in finding out where the loopholes were! Amit got involved in the session as if it is his problem which was truly admiring.
- Ashish Sheth, Owner of Kitchen Creations.

It was an eye opening experience thorough out. Amit is an appropriate coach for the children also because he has an attitude and ability to transfer the positive energy which every youth is needed. He is very effective as a life coach. The best thing in Amit was; he could modify his exercises as per the level of Children and it was truly appreciating.
- Socialist working for Cerebral Palsy Children and Welfare.

Sessions were relaxing and interesting. The coach is Intelligent and has a neutral approach while coaching the client which is important. He is 100% professional. Exercises were excellent and it covered almost all areas of life.
- Housewife, Owner - Nightingale Nursery School.

Sessions were stress relieving. Amit is a good person having positive attitude. He is very friendly and it is essential in life coaching. I want to have more sessions as it improves meaning of life.
- Vikram Sampagaon, Student of Engineering.

The sessions were eye opening and nice. Approach of Amit is very polite, calm and enthusiastic. Amit has a deep knowledge of life and hence he can deliver good results in people's lives. I got a clear guideline for further life and could resolve many mistakes which were made in due course. He has developed a very good questionnaire from which we get a real pinch point of life which is easy to solve.
- Sandeep Nashikkar, Vice President, Vastu Raviraj.

Sessions of Amit Sir was trying to awake me to the fact and I experienced the pull towards positivity during three months. Amit Sir is adequately professional but friendly, too. He can give accurate analysis of the situation of one's mind by carrying out thorough study in the sessions. Exercises and questionnaires of Amit sir always reflected the truth about myself and helped me to know where I am supposed to work. So they were useful.
- Ravikiran Bhosle, Commerce Graduate

Amit Sir's way of coaching is nice and comfortable. He explains things very beautifully.
- Child attendant, Pre-School (Tree House)

It was an eye opener to our perspective towards our life. Amit's approach is enlightening and friendly, too. He is professional but yet friendly with so much of warmth. Very approachable. Questionnaire was mind tickling and it made us think how everyone is different but unique.
- Principal, Renowned Pre-School

Dear Amit,

You work on the intricacies of mind and help your clients rediscover joy of life which is present in the soul of each and every individual. Your session was very interactive and enjoyable & satisfactory in every sense. The beauty of interaction with you is that the positive changes in one's personality happen at a very subtle level and are very helpful. Wish you all the best for everything as you are really making people's lives better.
- Kedar Bhagwat, Music Composer,Director of Kedar Bhagwat Music    Academy

You are a wonderful and polite person full of life and positive attitude, happiness. You are very resourceful and an excellent communicator. You have excellent qualities of GURU and this I have realized while interacting with you during our sessions. Your discussions are always insightful and healthy. Keep progressing in your beautiful journey of making people aware about "Art of Happiness".
- Rohan Manerkar, Professor of Commerce , Goa.

Your Sessions were very good and cleared a confusion regarding my career. Your approach is extremely good, encouraging and intelligent. I would like to have your sessions further even if three months' period is over. Exercises and questionnaires were of good quality and helped me in my life and in knowing my real passion.
- Rohan Joglekar, Science Student.

I am glad to become a first client of Mr. Amit in his life coaching assignment. At the initial stage of this coach & client relationship I could realize its significance towards life and how one should be highly determined to achieve long term goals in life.
Amit is thoroughly professional towards this mission with a great intensity of bringing joy in others life. I sincerely recommend his immense talent and dynamic post of Certified Master Spirit Life Coach. And wish him all the best for his future endeavors.
- Vijay Shelke - GL Accountant at TIBCO Software.

Corporate - Group Coaching

I would like to thank Amit for conducting a Faculty Development Program on ?Self-Development? for the faculty members of Zeal Education Society. The workshop was well designed and neatly executed. It indeed met our expectations to the fullest.
- Dr. Neha Sharma, Director, Zeal Education Society's, ZIBACAR

The sessions were very good and informative. It was very effective and interactive. Approach of Amit was very clear and suitable. He is very good trainer cum coach and very motivating. The session improved team building. He is a good communicator. He is rightly professional. Questionnaire was good for self confidence. (I had conducted group coaching session in this organization)
- Managers/Supervisors Group Coaching, Mittal Precision Autocomps    Pvt. Ltd.

Session of Amit Deokule was knowledgeable and very informative. It helped us in confidence building and team building, too. Approach of Amit was very well organized and friendly. It guided us creatively all through positively. Questionnaires were very good and detailed one which can analyze one's personality and also throw a light on management. Session was inspirational one. His approach is realistic and practical. His exercises were nice to ascertain our own identity appropriately. He had a nice expression and enthusiasm through out. (I had conducted group coaching session in this organization)
- Managers/Supervisors Group Coaching, Fresh Express, Sangli.

Your approach in the session was very focused and was helpful in achieving our goals. Your team building exercises were very interesting. Approach of coach was such where we got very good ideas to execute while working. As a life coach Amit Deokule is a very good person. Questionnaires were very helpful in converting our problems into probable aims. Your questionnaires gave us many good new insights which we were not aware of. (I had conducted group coaching session of three months in this organization)
- Managers/ Supervisors Group Coaching, C-tech Engineers Pvt Ltd.

Dear Amit,

"Greetings from Rancho Santa Fe!"
Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful note!
I loved your song.
Life is good.
- Marshall Goldsmith    
Phone: +1-858-759-0950
Website: www.MarshallGoldsmith.com
Email: Marshall@MarshallGoldsmith.com

Amit sir is my influential person.Amit sir is a master spirit life coach who has many intresting, joyful & helpful maners & teaching techniques.He is like a pearl for me.he is a rose who have not any thorns.before i had many baddies & then i have many goodies with help of amit sir.
Thanks amit sir
- Vishal Mhetre - 9th Std- Dehuroad Pune District Education Association's School   

What is Coaching?
Coaching is all about supporting the incumbents to see their Personal as well as Professional Goals/Objectives more transparently. Coaching can make that happen when driving force mirrors the pure potential of unique identity.